Kim Jong Un’s International Fan Club Is So Excited about the Trump Summit

Also in this rundown of bizarre news from Asia: A man smuggles Wagyu cattle sperm, a Chinese good luck tradition goes awry, and more
February 28, 2019, 10:30am
kim jong un
Kim Jong Un and North Korea have an international fan club. Photo by Getty Images

It's February 28 here in Asia, and here's what's gotten our attention.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has an international fan club

With part two of the Trump-Kim summit taking place, a group you might not have known existed is roaring with excitement. The North Korean Friendship Association has been set up to organize events that “show the reality of the DPR Korea to the world.” Although the group has members in dozens of countries, the leader of the KFA is a Spanish man named Alejandro Cao de Benós. In Singapore, the group that holds 50 members is led by Airul Qaiz, a 26-year-old. Both men claim they have direct ties with Pyongyang. Read more here.


Elephant released in wild walks 100km back to where he was caught

An elephant named Chinna Thambi was caught in January for roaming near human settlements in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. After being transferred to a forest over 100km away, Chinna Thambi walked back to the same place he was caught. Why does the elephant prefer the fields inhabited by humans over the forest? This has caused a stir in Indian conservation efforts. Read more here.

Wagyu cattle sperm is now being smuggled across borders

In Osaka, Japanese police arrested a man who tried to smuggle the fertilized eggs and sperm of Wagyu cattle overseas. Wagyu, also known as the “Rolls Royce of beef” is of growing demand in China. Japan remains protective of the delicacy however, as “the breeds of cattle that are recognized as Wagyu are unique to Japan.” The investigation started last year when the man tried to enter China with a metal container holding liquid nitrogen and hundreds of the biological goods. After recently searching his home, authorities finally had the proof they needed for an arrest. Read more here.

Man throws coins into plane engine for “good luck,” gets sued for grounding plane overnight

A Lucky Air flight from Anqing to Kunming was canceled early this month after a man threw coins into one of the engines. Why? For good luck, apparently. The plane was grounded overnight, and the passengers got to continue their journey the next day. Now he is getting sued by the airline. This also happened on two other occasions in China. One of the incidents involved an 80-year-old lady, who threw coins into the engine of her plane also for good luck. She was let off because of her age though. Read more here.