Arcade Fire, Doers of Mysterious Things, Are Doing a Mysterious Thing Again

Yet another internet scavenger hunt that may be providing clues for their new album.
June 1, 2017, 3:23pm
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If you can pull your mind from the doldrums of today and take it back to the simpler, slightly less turbulent times of 2013, you would probably recall how Arcade Fire embarked upon an elaborate promotion campaign for their album Reflektor, that saw the Montreal band use street art, SNL, and aliases to market a film-soundtrack-cum-double-disc-concept-party-album. Naturally, the rollout for their new album (which may or may not be called Infinite Content) would be just as cryptic and involved.


The band's official site currently leads to a live stream with 24-hour news station graphics and a billboard out in what is identified as Death Valley in California, even though the clock definitely doesn't correspond to PST. The phrase "Everything Now" appears at various points throughout the stream in multiple languages, which is the name of the joyous, ABBA-ish single that Arcade Fire released yesterday. Or maybe it actually got leaked. Who knows. Pitchfork reports that there's also a fake Russian spambot Twitter account that might be connected to the band. Timely! We'll probably only find out what this all means a week from now.

In related news, Arcade Fire also apparently signed a two-album deal with heavy-hitters Columbia Records. I would make a joke about them being major-label sellouts after being paragons of indie but those divisions have meant virtually nothing for years. Anyways, you can listen to "Everything Now," which is a very good song, below, and check out the live stream here to see if anything happens.

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