How a Caterer Successfully Pivoted His Business

Open a business? In this economy? Meet chef Edy Massiih, a brave soul who did just that.
May 20, 2021, 3:51pm

Opening a business in the face of 2020’s tsunami of uncertainty took a lot of planning and know-how. It also took guts. So when the pandemic shut down chef Edy Massih’s thriving catering business, he pivoted, ‘Setting Up Shop’ with what he calls a “catering storefront,” Edy’s Grocer. Now, even without events, customers can pick up their food and plate it themselves. He’s also branching out with food products—spices, olive oils—he can sell beyond the four walls of his Greenpoint Brooklyn storefront. Hear about Edy’s inspiration and tips on how he faced potential disaster and turned it into success on this episode of “Setting Up Shop,” Created with GEICO.

Created with GEICO