Meet the Father and Son Team Breaking Into Crypto Wallets

Crypto Asset Recovery is in the business of helping people recover fortunes lost on the blockchain.
Image: Getty Images/ Just_Super
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Close your eyes. Imagine it's 2010. You’ve just learned about something called Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency. You spend $50 and get 50 of the coins, thinking the whole thing is funny. Cut to 2022. What you spent around 50 bucks on in 2010 is now worth 2 million dollars.

There’s just one problem. You need a password to access that 2 million and 2010 was a long time ago. It’s a problem plaguing the world of cryptocurrency: an epidemic of millionaires unable to access their cash. But there are options.


To deal with the problem, a cottage industry of asset recovery specialists has emerged. One is Crypto Asset Recovery, a startup run by a father-son team in New Hampshire.

They are Chris and Charlie Brooks and they are here with me today to talk about the business of breaking in.

Chris and Charlie also appeared on an episode of Motherboard’s TV show Cryptoland, which you can stream at

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