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The Frontman For Gorilla Biscuits Said Something Dumb About All Lives Matter and a Lot Of Punks Are Pissed Off

Reaction to the comments was swift with many taking to social media to voice their disapproval.

Image: You Tube

Legendary New York City hardcore punks Gorilla Biscuits played as part of Philadelphia’s This Is Hardcore festival on Saturday night. But on stage comments made by the band’s vocalist Anthony ‘Civ’ Civarelli regarding the Black Lives Matter movement have upset some.

Speaking between songs Civ said.

“In 2016 people still have to wear shirts that say ‘Black Lives Matter’. No shit. Brown, white, yellow, black, we all fucking matter. Everybody here matters. Do not let the media, schools, institutions, influence you. We are one family, one people."


The band then launched into "Degradation", a track from their classic 1989 album Start Today.

Reaction to the comments was swift with many taking to social media to voice their disapproval and calling Civarelli’s message racist. Others defended him saying that he was taken out of context.

Watch the video here.

Civarelli later defended his comments on Facebook. “If you know the band and the lyrics and what we have always stood for this should be clear," he explained in a post. "Also look at the lyrics to “degradation” and “things we say” especially the line, “some people are so quick to judge let’s get the judgement straight” thanks.”

Gorilla Biscuits formed in New York City in 1986 and with their youthful mix of melody and aggression became one of the more original and influential hardcore bands ever.

In 2015 legendary Canadian vegan straight edge hardcore band Chokehold caused controversy when guitarist Jeff Beckman spoke out for "all lives matter” at a Toronto show. When confronted by a transgender woman in the audience the dispute escalated with Beckman allegedly punching the audience member in the face.