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Eat Fast Explore Modern Romance on “Public Display of Affection”

“Let's get married in a corner shop.”

Some people are well into PDA. You've probably seen them on the bus, snogging with wild abandon, entirely oblivious to how many old, single and otherwise cynical fuckers are looking at them with absolute disgust. For others, any physical contact beyond a high five belongs indoors with all the curtains stapled together. Such is the concept Newcastle's Eat Fast wrap their heads around on their new track "Public Display of Affection". It's a raucous chamber of fuzz rock in the same vein as Bruising and Nai Harvest (RIP), featuring the outstanding lyric and extremely touching proposal in these broke, reckless, post-Brexit times: "If you really love me won't you fuck me like you hate me / Let's get married in a corner shop".


Listen below.

"Public Display Of Affection" comes out on November 2 via Weekend Denim.