This story is over 5 years old.


Gaddafi is Almost Dead

He is like, literally, nearly, dead.

Inside Libya everything is jammed, making communication with those on the ground nigh on impossible. Yet a few individuals – like Ali Tweel, a computer programmer from Tripoli with access to a demoniacally slow 1kb VPN, and an anonymous individual known as 'Libya Dude' sat 20km outside the capital on a satellite phone – have been relaying their horrific experiences via Twitter.

Libya Dude has been serving his people by relaying attack tactics – how to make Molotov cocktails, petrol bombs and caltrops to launch at the military, and how to take down fighter jets with a laser pen. He has also shared many of the (sometimes horrific) images of the slaughter Gaddafi is unleashing on his own people. He continued communications with the outside world late yesterday evening after learning his cousin had been killed. He shared this graphic video of charred human remains, allegedly of Gaddafi's soldiers burned alive in their barracks for refusing to turn their guns on the people, and relayed the quote attributed to Gaddafi that is currently being circulated around Tripoli, “It is me who created Libya and it is me who will exterminate it.”


Below is a formatted summary of Ali Tweel's communications throughout yesterday's alleged genocide, interspersed with the photos both individuals have managed to sneak out of the country, and want the world to see.

A friend of mine has been shot around 100 meters away from Almokhtar clinic. Nobody can take him to the clinic and no ambulance can reach him. Mercenaries keep firing at the people who tried to help him, shot in the stomach, bleeding in a house nearby. Is this how Libyan life ends now?

Up on the roof of the City Hall and the schools there are snipers shooting at people randomly. Cars are going by using their horns, waving green flags & showing photos of Gaddafi, chanting by his name. If you are not with them, they will shoot you. It has happened to a friend. Now I can really feel how it must be to live in Gaza.

Libyan TV are denying EVERYTHING, they say those noises you hear on the streets are fireworks! Excuse me but WHAT THE FUCK? I guess the TV studios must be sound proofed for real!

Social networks and internet are blocked, cellular is useless, mercenaries are roaming the roads to terrorise the people and shatter any gatherings with heavy machine gun fire. People are so scared for their lives – even if they are against the regime they put photos of Gaddafi in their car out of fear of attack.

People are seeing smoke rise around Tripoli. I believe these are car tires burning in the roads to close them off to mercenaries. I've seen reports of foreign mercenaries being deployed in Tripoli, it's not confirmed yet but I just saw two big cars going towards West Tripoli with heavy machine guns. They are not Libyans, they looked like Africans. I'm trying to call witnesses but all calls fail.

Terror, that's what i feel now. Good thing my 2 year son doesn't understand any of this. I wish that he is able to live in a free country. I don't deny that i'm afraid that one of the regime agents might look for me, and this could lead to dark places, but.. i will use my IT experience and fight virtually with my brothers and spread the word for as long as I am in existence.

Good luck, Ali. We hope that if you stop communicating it's just because the wires have been cut.