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Do Cute Kids Like Azealia Banks?

We got some kids to review "212".

Music journalism is a young man's game. And, as time goes on, the maximum age of entry to the music writing game races ever faster towards absolute 0. There was once a time when people over the age of ten years old had a clue about what music was "fresh", "interesting" or "the future". But that time is gone.

So, keeping ahead of the curve before it arrives, microphone in hand, banging at the door of the womb, Noisey has been employing cute, young children to review new music (well, not literally employing, that would be child labour). This week they're trying to get their tiny brains around Azealia Banks' new single, “212”.

You can check out the video above, or click here to view it externally.

Unlike us oldies, these kids' innocence has yet to be cowed by a world of bills, responsibility and overly-refined tastes. These are therefore the most honest and objective opinions you are ever likely to encounter. Enjoy!

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