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A Fake, Emoji-Only Interview with Baauer

Baauer (okay, us pretending to be Baauer) explains the Harlem Shake phenomenon through the majesty of Emoji.

So yesterday we railed about how the Harlem Shake wasn't really "The Harlem Shake." We hope you've all learned your lesson.

That said, we wanted to learn more from the man behind the meme, Mr. Baauer himself. After some cajoling, we got a direct line to the man for a WORLD EXCLUSIVE EMOJI-ONLY INTERVIEW.

What follows is a uncompromising and unedited look into the mind of Baauer (not Baauer). Now do the Harlem Shake, or, y'know, don't.

Tyler McCauley wrote the intro to this and asked all the questions. He tweets at @tylernottyler

Drew Millard pretended to be Baauer. He's at @drewmillard