This story is over 5 years old.

Kanye West Took a Really Weird Picture with Aziz Ansari and His Parents

Kanye, much like Derek Zoolander, only has one look.

One of the charms of Aziz Ansari's entire existence is that despite his mega-fame as a comedian and actor, he carries himself with a childlike wonder pretty much 24/7, as if he's amazed and beyond psyched that his life has taken this bizarre turn where he gets to hang out with famous people literally all of the time. He's basically the closest thing modern culture has to Zelig.

Take the above image, for example. It's him and his parents. And Kanye West. Since this image just surfaced in the past couple of days, I kind of hope that it was taken at some sort of event surrounding the NBA All-Star Weekend, but they could have been at the Applebees in Times Square, for all I know. Anyways, Kanye has the same face on that he does in this picture and also this one, which makes me assume that Kanye, much like Derek Zoolander, only has one look. To everyone's credit, the only one who seems fazed by the Voice of a Generation's presence is Aziz, who might just be really surprised his mom and dad are meeting a dude who once had him do stand-up in his living room. Anyhow, Aziz's mom looks like a sweetheart, and I'm not sure whose Instagram feed this is officially from but it feels important that the world see it.

Drew Millard once saw Aziz Ansari going into an apartment in the Lower East Side. He's on Twitter - @drewmillard