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Gabrielle Sterbenz's New Video for "The Bridge" Is the Plug for Sadness

Sometimes the best way to turn up is to bum yourself out.
September 8, 2014, 7:43pm

It's Monday afternoon. You're probably in a bit of a haze from the weekend—you're sitting there, reading Noisey as you procrastinate that lame spreadsheet you haven't filed or delaying that stupid first assignment from your stupid professor in that stupid general education course you didn't even want to take. Sometimes, life is hell. Everything feels meaningless. Just spark the motherfucking bong and who cares about the bills you have to pay, right?

Today, Noisey is happy to premiere a new song and video, directed by Akhil Sesh, from Brooklyn-based musician Gabrielle Sterbenz called "The Bridge," a track that illustrates feeling a bit bummed out but not quite being sure why you're bummed out. The minimal clip matches the subtle beauty of the song—a single frame of Sterbenz standing on a rooftop, singing while overlooking New York City. Even though the song definitely makes you feel Sad™, there's a weird underlying feeling of hopefulness, too. Watch it above, and then stop procrastinating, nerd.