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Watch Magic Fades's Video For "Stressin (Feat. Shy Girls)" And Check Out Their Firsties And Faves

"Favorite fetish? Floating in the pool with Air Maxes on."

Michael Grabarek and Jeremy Scott of Magic Fades, by Anna Gleek

There’s more than one way to wear sweatpants, and almost all of them are on display in the latest video from Portland duo Magic Fades. After all, the pair run the Health Goth Facebook page, so it’s only natural they’d dress for any and every potential activewear environment. Dri-fit tees, Nike windbreakers, sweatpants tapered and drop-crotch, mesh shorts, rubberized gloves, and all manner of high tech footwear: these dudes could run a marathon in a hurricane. Or at least step poetically into puddles, as they do several times in this clip. In fact, the only harsh weather on display is inside our protagonists’ troubled hearts, where stressful text message games lead Magic Fades to wonder if romantic stirrings “are just the side effect of dro.” Shy Girls lead singer Dan Vidmar bodies his guest appearance, honeyed voice cutting through the auto-tuned fray—he’s had it up to here with the insistent “beep beep beep” of inconclusive text messages. Give the poor man a ring, jeez.


Minds reeling from all the lightweight streetwear and heavyweight feels, we asked Magic Fades to participate in our storied “Firsties and Faves” series. Watch the video and peep their Q+A below. Magic Fades' forthcoming PUSH THRU album comes out 11/25: pre-order it here.



Favorite psychedelic experience?

Michael Grabarek:



for the first time after my friend’s parents got a huge sub. At the time it was uncommon for people to have a sub in their home theater and when he turned it up incredibly loud it shook me to my core.

Jeremy Scott: First time with LSD, I thought it was gonna be just like weed so my mind was blown tenfold.

Favorite rumor you've ever heard about yourself?
MG: My favorite is the rumor that Jeremy and I met on the set of Jurassic Park 3.

JS: The Jurassic Park thing that Mike said, I love that. Don't know where it came from.

Favorite song to seduce to?
JS: Christopher Franke — "Black Garden View"

MG: R. Kelly – “Shut Up

Favorite body part?
MG: Frontal Lobe.

JS: Hands.

Favorite secret habit?
JS: Why would I reveal that? SMDH.

MG: Running the Health Goth Facebook page.

Favorite sensation?
MG: The purr of a sub.

JS: Feeling your body start to relax after having a crippling panic attack.

First time you ever got in trouble?
MG: I never get caught.

JS: Skipping school in grade school, I was grounded from going to an Aerosmith concert, I think it was a blessing In disguise though.


First explicit music you ever hid from your parents?
MG: The Chronic.

JS: Doggy Style.

First time you were star-struck?
JS: When I saw Scottie Pippen at the Nike employee store. At that time he was in god-mode.

MG: Meeting Danny Carey from Tool and buying him a drink in Eugene, OR.

First kiss?
MG: I don’t kiss and tell.

JS: Grade school back of the bus, origin unknown.

Favorite luxury buy?
JS: Hydraquench facial moisturizer.

MG: Jordans.

Favorite hydration?
MG: Coconut water.

JS: La Croix pink grapefruit.

First torrent?
JS: Warcraft 3.

MG: The Three 6 Mafia discography.

Favorite plugin?
MG: Space Designer, although we don’t use it much because Jeremy doesn’t like it.

JS: CLA effects.

Favorite fetish?
MG: Aliens dressed in sports clothing.

JS: Floating in the pool with Air Maxes on.

Ezra Marcus is wearing every single kind of sweatpants at once—@ezra_marc