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Jimmy Johnson Lets Night Fall in his "Sun Goes Down" Music Video

The new OVO-affiliate unveils some of the mystery with his new music video for the Eric Dingus produced song.

Say goodbye to the "T-dot-Oh" and the "Screwface," there's a new nickname in town. Welcome to "The 6," a place that only wakes up when the sun goes down and is inhabited with the sort of people you wouldn't want to catch in a dark anything. It's a clever nickname created using two of Toronto's three main area codes, pulling from the 416 and 647 (sorry 905ers), and it's the idea created by the aloof and dark Jimmy Johnson. The OVO-affiliate has seemingly crept into the public eye from the shadows fully formed, but until now, nobody knew what he looked like. With the video for "Sun Goes Down," we're introduced to not only Jimmy, but his friends.


The track was premiered on and is produced by Texan producer, Eric Dingus.

Watch the follicularly blessed young rapper flex heavily in front of all of his cars and companions. If this is what The 6 looks like, I don't think I can afford to live in it. For anyone doubting how much fun you can have in a city when the sun goes down at seven o'clock for six months of the year, and last call is at two o'clock in the morning, Jimmy has the answer for you: start mixing your pills with your liquor.

Slava Patuk mixes his melatonin with his NyQuil - @SlavaP


See that Prime hoodie? That's a management label who just released the 6th Letter mixtape.

Is Jimmy singing? Is he R&B? Is everyone in Toronto?

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