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UK Hardcore Band Violent Reaction Say "Leave Me Out" on New Revelation LP

Look for them on tour in the US, including at Damaged City in Washington DC.
February 10, 2015, 3:09pm

(photo by Angela Owens)

Violent Reaction has a forthcoming album for Revelation Records titled Marching On due on March 31, and are currently streaming a new track from that for the first time below. “Leave Me Out” sounds a lot like “Terror Boys” by 86 Mentality, except “Terror Boys” talks about getting belligerently drunk on Friday night, while “Leave Me Out” talks about being straightedge and references Friday night. So I’m not entirely sure if that makes these songs exactly the same except for different audiences or polar opposites. You be the Judge (no straightedge hardcore pun intended).

Violent Reaction were really good when they toured the USA in 2013 with Hounds of Hate. They were even better when they toured the USA in 2014 with The Flex. Hopefully they continue that trajectory when they come back to this side of the pond in April with Arms Race from London.

March 31st - D.C.
April 1st - Richmond, Virginia - @Strange Matter
April 2nd - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - @Golden Tea House
April 3rd - New York City, New York - The Acheron
April 4th - Boston, Massachusetts (+after party at the Boilerroom!)
April 5th - Rochester, New York -@The Bug Jar
April 6th - Detroit, Michigan -@Refuge Skateshop
April 7th - Chicago, Illinois-@Old Mt Happy
April 8th - Indianapolis, Indiana
April 9th - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - @The Rock Room
April 11th - DC - Damaged City Fest