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Jimmy Johnson Takes You to The Esplanade in "Northside" Video

Take a tour through one of Toronto's hoods and find out what we know about Jimmy Johnson.
June 2, 2014, 10:50pm

Ambassador to the The 6, Jimmy Johnson, is back with another video for another Eric Dingus assisted song with "Northside." The video was shot entirely in the hood of The Esplanade, an area tucked into the South-East corner of Toronto that Jimmy frequents. Watch Jimmy hang out of a balcony pouring liquor, and posted up outside with members of 176 — a collective that formed in the subsidized housing unit located at 176 The Esplanade (it's both a street and a neighbourhood).

For those unclear, here are some quick facts that we know so far about Jimmy:


- He created the term "The 6" as a nickname for Toronto
- His rap name is Jimmy Johnson, but he goes by Jimmy Prime to pay respect to the Prime collective
- He wears his hair in at least two different fashions
- He's somehow connected to OVO, but the details are unknown
- He sounds like a bunch of your favourite rappers, blended together

Jimmy Johnson's recent songs have all come forward with a cohesive aesthetic that feels both familiar and unique at the same damn time. His influences seem to come from all corner of the internet, yet he doesn't have a direct parallel that you could place him beside. The only thing that's widely known about Jimmy is that he's got a lot of friend, if his videos are to be believed, and that he's got the ear of the biggest rapper in the world. If that doesn't sound like a recipe for success, what does?

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