Let the Music Move You: Watch Banoffee's Video for "Oceans"

Dancer Aisha Kuryana dances all over a baseball pitch in the Aussie synthpop star's new vid. It's interpretive.
August 1, 2016, 4:45pm

Photo by Jordan Drysdale and Angie Pai

Power thighs. Look at 'em go. Dancer Aisha Kuryana really gives it her all in this video for Banoffee's "Oceans." She's on the baseball pitch using the space exactly as she shouldn't be—flexing and arching and kicking up dust to the music Banoffee conjured from her brain. Sonically the Aussie artist (born Martha Brown) has created another pop gem with synths that womp and wobble, a song imbued with longing and pop panache her vocals clean and layered ramping up to a climax where the fabric of our dimension quiver a little.

"I wrote oceans to try and understand that deep ache of missing someone," the singer explains. "The feeling of waking and reaching for them and your hand goes right through. It's a loneliness of its own kind. Aisha’s movement is her ode to long distance love. Expressing feelings of frustration and confusion in a way that can create something beautiful and cathartic. It is her way of saying 'I miss you,' her way of saying 'this is for you' whilst giving parts of herself that only her dearest have seen before. This clip was a beautiful surprise to me, just as I hope it is to you."

No more words. Just press play.