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Noisey Presents Lil Durk at Irving Plaza in New York City

September 3. Get your tickets and remember Durk's name.
July 28, 2015, 4:39pm

On September 3, Lil Durk will perform at Irving Plaza in New York City in support of his recent record Remember My Name. It will, without question, be lit, because Lil Durk is one of our favortie rappers right now (and we obviously have impeccable taste).

To quote Noisey editor Kyle Kramer's profile of the Chicago rap star earlier this year, "Durk has carved out a niche making melodic, sing-song rap heavy on vocal manipulation with tools like Auto-Tune and Melodyne. He is not the most traditionally skilled rapper in terms of lyrical delivery—although he has, by his own admission, improved dramatically on that front—but his hooks are disarmingly catchy, and his words have an emotional core that leads to devastating insights tossed off almost as asides."

Cop your tickets here, and watch our Lil Durk episode of Noisey Chiraq below.