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There's a New Tink Mixtape and You Can Listen to It Right Here

Yes Timbaland has tracks on there.
July 30, 2015, 10:29am

Since about 2014 Tink has released about a gazillion different mixtapes of varying quality, but there's not been much new music since Winter's Diary 2, released in January 2014. But now she's back and Winter's Diary 3 drops today (in mid-summer, go figure) and it's definitely the best of her recent output. There are production credits from Cookin Soul and Timbaland, as well as a few from C-Sick who's recently been working tracks for Nas, Chance The Rapper and Future.

It's all pretty strong but the highlight is defintiely "Very Very" - a song about how the realities of a relationship and the infatuation of sex can coincide. Not that often of course, which is why the chorus is just Tink going "very very very special".

Listen and download below:

Tink - Winter's Diary 3