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Toronto Mayor Is Giving Drake The Keys to The CIty

Now the question is will he actually give the keys to Lil' Wayne?
February 11, 2016, 9:25pm

Photo By Derek Hui

Drake has long been the hometown hero of Toronto. He's the official ambassador of the Toronto Raptors, literally has a night named after him and is responsible in many ways for making Toronto a world recognized city. So it's no surprise he's finally being gifted with the Keys to the City, thanks to Toronto mayor John Tory. Taking place tomorrow night, Drake will receive the key at the start of NBA All-Star Weekend.


According to a press release by Tory, “Drake is Toronto’s biggest champion: in his music, his mentorship of local talent, and his presence on the world stage. He makes people feel good about themselves and their city, and he has drawn the eyes of the world to Toronto. He deserves our city’s recognition and our pride and I’m honoured to give him the Key to the City.” Other musicians to received keys to the City of Toronto include Celine Dion and The Rolling Stones. Now, the only question left is whether he'll actually give them to Lil' Wayne.

Tomorrow I’ll give out the Key to the City. This is why. @Drake

— John Tory (@JohnTory)

February 11, 2016

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