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Busdriver Heads Into Space to Rap and "Colonize the Moon"

The single from the upcoming album 'Perfect Hair' will take you to the type of moon colony that you never even thought to imagine.
July 23, 2014, 5:44pm

Los Angeles rapper Busdriver has been making weird, thoughtful rap delivered at a million miles for hour consistently for years (and inspiring a few like-minded souls to rap alongside him as part of Hellfyre Club in the process), so it's only logical that those things combined would, at some point, accelerate him into outer space. "Colonize the Moon" starts out as kind of a neo-soul ballad about, well, colonizing the moon, but, as soon as Busdriver's voice lands like an anvil, or, uh, a meteorite, it's clear that this is not just any layman's moon colony: "If you were here for the last song about world leaders and street fashion/we bent the truth quite a bit and would like to announce the following redactions," he explains.

In rapid-fire succession, he then cycles through topics as diverese as Diet Shasta and the Mars rover, in a free-wheeling set of ideas that suggest that Busdriver's space exploration plans involve getting hype as fuck while also probably reading some books in the space shuttle on the way. The video, directed by Mattia Fiumani, offers the space trip, complete with an astronaut helmet spewing tape like a Busdriver cassette gone crazy, to match.

"Colonize the Moon" is off of Busdriver's album Perfect Hair, which is out September 9 (preorder it) and will feature a cast of artists including Aesop Rock, Danny Brown, Open Mike Eagle and Pegasus. Check out the video above and get ready to have your expectations literally skyrocket.