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"Nothing Clicks" by White Laces Is an Excellent Hangover Tune

Listen to with a bagel, a side of Advil, and a tall glass of water.
September 5, 2014, 3:00pm

I'll be honest, my brain is in a world of pain today, but "Nothing Clicks"—produced by


eff Zeigler (The War On Drugs, Kurt Vile)—is definitely a track to soothe the muzziest of heads. That's not to say this tune is going to cuddle you like a good lover and feed you liquids and carbs until you feel human again. Although that would be beyond awesome. But the Richmond, VA trio manage to make melancholia sound sprightly, which in turn, will make you feel warm inside. Then at the three and half minute mark the see-saw of emotions tips to full-blown optimism—please note the bassline at this point—and you realize everything is going to be just fine.


White Laces' second LP Trances is out on 10/7 via Happenin' Records

Today Kim has had a bagel and some liquids but no cuddles. She's on Twitter - @theKTB


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