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Win A Pair of Weekend Passes to BasilicaSoundScape

See art, readings, and performances from Deafheaven, White Lung, Swans, and more.

Located in New York's scenic-as-fuck Hudson River Valley, BasilicaSoundScape is back this weekend, September 12-14th, with a fresh lineup of dope music, art, and literary readings and we want to give you a pair of free weekend passes.

The lineup is tight featuring readings, performances, and installations from Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy, Mira Gonzalez, Deafheaven, Swans, Majical Cloudz, and a bunch more.

Beloved Noisey fam Mish Way will be playing with White Lung as well as doing a reading herself. So, no duh it's gonna be tight. You can enter to win below, or buy tickets here if you aren't into risking it.

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