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Listen to 100s' First Song Under His New Name Kossisko

Here he is with Rainy Milo, covering The Clash's "Bankrobber."

Though 100s' March project IVRY is one of the finest, funkiest, most original mixtapes of the year (I wrote lovingly about it here), it leaned heavily upon 100s' persona as a stone-cold mack, and ran the risk of boxing him in. Here was an immensely talented and open-minded rapper and singer who'd perfected and transcended the timeless art of pimpery—where does one go from there? Instead of being content to make yet another pimp-rap tape in hopes of getting more and more popular and eventually getting himself on the radio through playing his persona up and letting his humanity slide through the gilded cracks of fame, 100s opted to kill himself off. In his video for "10 Freaky Hoes," the toothpick-thin Berkeley, CA rapper is sacrificed at the altar of pure love and sex by, uh, ten freaky hoes, closing the video in funk heaven, leaving the reader with a simple message:


To the 100s fans,

I appreciate each and every one of you, but it's now time for me to continue on my journey. So this is goodbye.


And just like that, 100s was dead, and Kossisko was born. Noisey is proud to unveil his first song as Kossisko, a cover of The Clash's "Bankrobber," made in collaboration with the London singer Rainy Milo. Listen to it below.

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