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Punx Should Never Change (and Here's Why...)

An exclusive page from issue #3 of punk comic anthology, 'As You Were.'

As You Were is only on its third issue but already feels like an institution. The punk comic anthology, curated by Mitch Clem, features contributions from punk scenes all over the world. Parts hilarious, parts poignant, and parts fucking gross (looking at you, Mel’s strip about puberty), As You Were is one of the most increasingly important publications in punk rock at the moment. The good folks at Silver Sprocket, who publish the damn thing, were nice enough to hook us up with an exclusive page from issue number three (featuring a cover by Lauren Denitzio of Worriers and the Measure [sa]). This one is from Ben Snakepit who tackles the subject of whether or not bands should change. Kinda one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations since bands get shit from fans when they make the same record for 20 years, but then also get shit when try something different. Here, let Ben sort it out much more succinctly and in comic form…


Buy a copy here. Ten bucks. Worth the money. With almost 30 contributors, the thing is a goddamn who’s who of punk artists…

Adrian Chi (Razorcake, Bite The Cactus), Aimee Pijpers, Andra Passen, Andy Warner (Slate, PBS), Ashley Rowe Palafox (Barefoot and in the Kitchen), Ben Sears, Ben Snakepit (Microcosm, Razorcake), Bill Pinkel (Razorcake), Brian Connoly (Nothing Mattress, Maximumrocknroll), Cathy G. Johnson, Emilja Frances (Ship Of Fools), Evan Wolff (Vacation, Tight Bros), Jason Oberbichler, Jed Collins (Vice), Jim Kettner, Lauren Monger (Terrible Terrible Terrible), Liz Prince (Top Shelf Productions), Liz Suburbia (Sacred Heart), Marcos Siref, Mel (Cake & Comix), Meg, Mike Funk, Mitch Clem (Nothing Nice to Say/Dark Horse, My Stupid Life) and Nation of Amanda, Rick V (Tour Sucks/Plan-It-X), Rob Cureton (Scene City, Orful Comics), Sarah Graley, and Steve Larder.