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Check Out Peter Gutteridge's 'Pure', Available For The First Time Since 1989

The Clean / The Chills / Snapper member's lone solo release, finally repressed.
December 6, 2013, 3:24pm

1989 saw the release of Peter Gutteridge's Pure, the New Zealand resident's only solo LP recorded between 1986 and '87 to Fostex 4-track. Spanning more than twenty tracks, many of the songs are primitive/raw and created on the spot, though a few of these tracks even reappeared on a future Snapper 12". The former member of the Clean, the Chills and many other notable Flying Nun projects is now proudly welcoming the first ever pressing of Pure to vinyl via 540 Records, and thankfully has made it available for streaming below. Recommended and fascinating, and available for the first time in any format in 24 years. Order yours.