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Watch The Callas' Video for "Disaster"

This Greek crew make disaster sound like a fucking riot.

"Disaster! Disaster! Disaster! It happens!" So goes The Callas' riotous chant over the dirgy, life-affirming garage rock stomp that is "Disaster." The video, meanwhile, is a schizoid mish-mash of stop motion animation depicting chaotic scenes of destruction. Crashing planes! Sinking ships! Volcanic eruptions! Stampeding wild animals! Planetery collisions! A plague of flies? It's all in there. Good job director Asako Masunouchi.

Hailing from Greece and built around brothers Lakis and Aris Ionas, The Callas' latest record, Am I Vertical, (out this week) was produced by legendary, 6"5, Bad Seeds/Grinderman drummer Jim Sclavunos, and with its taut, Krautrock grooves and hypnotic, scuzzed-up guitar lines, The Callas will find favor with fans of The Velvet Underground, The Horrors, and Neu!.