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One Brave YouTube Channel Dares to Ask: What Do Musicians Think About a Bunch of Batshit Conspiracies?

Check out your favorite musicians confirming or denying your favorite conspiracy theories.

Everyone loves a good YouTube video where some nerd huffs and puffs into a microphone that's an inch away from his mouth, while he or she very passionately rambles on about Building 7 or false flag operations. It's great at an arm's distance, and not the worst way to procrastinate on the internet. But what do your favorite musicians think of conspiracy theories? That's the question that Truth Is Scary would like to answer.


The YouTube channel touts an impressive roster of interviewees from from Simple Plan to Papoose, with each of them expounding on everything from the existence of aliens to Illuminati to Osama Bin Laden's death. We watched a bunch of these interviews and rated them on a crazy scale, from totally sane to paranoid and damaged. Here is a good smattering of their musicians ranging from the totally dismissive to the true believers…

Jedi Mind Tricks' Vinnie Paz on Chemtrails

Your spiced out college suitemate's favorite rap group Jedi Mind Tricks' own Vinnie Paz goes in about seeing chemtrails, Alex Jones catching people at Bohemian Grove, and the HAARP machine.

BEST QUOTE:"They've been poisoning our water for years, you know? Chemtrails are philosophically the same type of shit, just a different method of poisoning the people."


Kendrick Lamar on Why He Doesn't Vote

Depending on your political viewpoints, Kendrick's choice not to vote might irk you, otherwise he pretty much brushes this interview off.

BEST QUOTE: "Basically do what you do, do good with your people, and live your life. Because what's going on isn't really in your hands."


You Me At Six on Faking the Moon Landing

You Me At Six is a pop-punk band that's pretty popular over in the UK, and apparently they started being skeptics because of Michael Moore and Zeitgeist.

BEST QUOTE: "I pray to god that it was just a complete travesty and there was no correlation between the two things."



The Game on Why We're All Going to Die in 2012

In 2011, The Game, along with many other suckers thought we were all doomed in 2012. Welp, here we are in 2014, and there's The Game looking like a big ol' doofus for watching that terrible Roland Emmerich film.

BEST QUOTE: "So all next year, from January 1 to December 31, I'm gonna be at home with my kids. We're gonna be playing Scrabble, and just making sure our earthquake kits are intact because the world is gonna end."


Amon Amarth on Fluoride in Drinking Water

Olavi from Amon Amarth has some pretty discerning taste on his choice in conspiracies, and falls more in line with skepticism, but there are some good nuggets of goofy in there.

BEST QUOTE: "If there is some kind of other species in some other place, they're probably laughing at us."


We Came As Romans on Aliens

Andy from We Came As Romans is definitely 100 percent high all the time, and will let you know about everything that's really going on.

BEST QUOTE: "It's kind of like Men In Black, at the very end, they show their world, it zooms out to their galaxy and it's like a marble in a bag of with other galaxies. Makes you think about how small you are."


Das Racist Making a Mockery of the Whole Thing

Das Racist totally take the piss out of this interview, which is sort of surprising that more people haven't done it. But they do bring up some good points on food, I guess. Good dudes.


BEST QUOTE: "If you probably look into it, every last thing we use and consume has a pretty brutal history to it."


Eyes Set To Kill on 9/11

Eyes Set To Kill are a really great band to see eternally playing in the middle of eight metalcore band lineups in Orangevale, CA. They also do a really great job of convincing skeptics by comparing what they talk about to Lost.

BEST QUOTE: "It's pretty weird that there's been so many earthquakes, one after the other. That's kind of weird. And all of the sudden it's cool now."


Yelawolf Talks About Himself and Avoids the Whole Thing

Big Yelawolf is successfully able to take a leading question about Illuminati and use it to talk about his career. Every other question he similarly twists around or dismisses, and turns it into a pretty normal interview.

BEST QUOTE: "They say the center of the Earth is molten lava, but how the fuck do they know, man? They haven't dug to the center of the earth yet, it's a long way down."


Black Veil Brides on Aliens

Here's a conspiracy: can that black body paint shit that this dude has smeared over him be equated to blackface? #askquestions

BEST QUOTE: "Scariest truth I've seen or heard? That people kill for religion. That's a scary thing."


Immortal Technique on Kony 2012

Like seeing Santa Claus plastered on Christmas, there's no way you could have a channel like this without some insight from the great Immortal Technique. Surprisingly in this interview, he tones it way the hell down. Except the end of the world shit.

BEST QUOTE: "When we talk about the world ending as we know it, one of the only positive things I could see coming out of it would be the camraderie coming out of it."


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