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Ever Seen a Statue Kickbox to Dubstep? Now You Can, in Den Sorte Skole's New "Lowmax" Vid

The Copenhagen mix-masters Frankenstein a sculpture to life with 3D graphics and dubstep in this surreal tango between the ancient and the ultra-modern.
May 20, 2016, 8:06am

Spawning in Copenhagen's underground in 2002, the signature sampling wizardry of Danish mix-masters Den Sorte Skole has since seeped into dark corners and mind-spaces all over the world. Known for sticking it to the mainstream music industry with their intricately structured sound collages pieced together from an expansive, wildly diverse catalogue of sources, all of which they credit, despite none of them having been cleared for use, the visceral intensity of Den Sorte Skole's "Lowmax" poses no exception.

It is intricately fused from obscure snippets ranging everywhere from Ben Frost and Randy Weston, to Head, to something simply labeled "Compilation of Palestinian Wedding Music". Thriving on the turbulent contrasts between calm lulls and all-out dubstep throbbing with adrenaline, the track is off of their self-released, free-to-download album Indians & Cowboys, which we had the pleasure of discussing with the masterful sampling duo last year to a backdrop of manta rays and other beasts of the sea at Copenhagen's Den Blå Planet.

The electro-infused patchwork quilt nature of Den Sorte Skole's experimental stylings is mimicked in this mesmerizingly abstract video created by animation and live-action director David Adler. In what looks, sounds, and feels like a psychedelic mash-up of Transformers and 300, we experience a macabre, Frankenstein'ed sculpture come to life and bust out some harrowing moves, waltzing and viciously kickboxing along to the eclectic mix of beats.

Treat yourself to some musical storytelling across time and space, and just try to look away from this gloriously fucked up voyage into the surreal.

Here are some of the places you can track down Den Sorte Skole live this summer:

16/6 - Folkemødet, Denmark
17/6 - NorthSide, Denmark
25/6 - Festival Mundial, Nederlands
26/6 - Glastonbury Festival, UK
30/6 - Fusion Festival, Germany
4/8 - Garbicz Festival, Poland
11/8 - Alive Festival, Denmark
29/10 - Den Grå Hal, Denmark