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Metric's New Album Doesn't Have a Title Yet, But Their First Single Does so Listen to "The Shade"

Emily Haines and company return with a new single post-'Synthetica' that's sure to get stuck in your ear canal.
May 11, 2015, 3:26pm

Say what you will about Metric but there's a sense of duty—maybe Canadian obligation to have made a connection with at least one of the albums from their lengthy discography. Whether that be the more sombre notes of Live It Out or the clusterfuck that is Fantasies is completely up to your mood. But the first single off their upcoming yet-to-be-titled album is called "The Shade," and fans of Synthetica will be happy to hear that their new music leans more towards that 2012 album—which may or may not be a good thing depending on how much you liked "Lost Kitten." Nonetheless, Emily "all there is and ever was" Haines returns under what sounds like a loop of the music that plays when you take a super mushroom in Mario while crooning "I want it all" repeatedly till she reaches critical stuck-in-your-head mass. And while the album won't be released until September, it will be available for preorder June 2, in tandem with their joint North American tour with Imagine Dragons that same month. In the meantime, listen to the track below: