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PREMIERE: ShaqisDope’s “DWNTWN” is More Than a Shopping District in His New Video

The Toronto rapper reminds us what downtown life is really like.

Toronto may be one of the most “liveable cities” in the world, but that doesn’t mean it's free from the issues that plague everywhere else. Whether that’s inner-city violence, funding, overcrowded roads—Toronto rapper ShaqisDope waxes on these points for his new video “DWNTWN.” With signature landmarks like the Eaton Centre on full display, the Bowen Mei directed visual shows SID and his crew stalking the streets while showing the high rises and side streets of the city. The track also comes off his forthcoming project Black Frames that will be released later this year.


“I initially made 'DWNTWN' for me and all friends who are from downtown Toronto,” explains SID. “But as I travel around the world more I notice there's a downtown in almost every city. And I think people are always quick to point to the shopping districts of these cities but forget about the low-income areas nearby.”

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