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Big Narstie on Drake's Tattoo: "That Should've Been BDL. He Needs to Respect Himself Nyaaaaah!"

The South London MC did an AMA yesterday and turned Reddit into a ZOO.

Yesterday, grime's most opinionated MC and leader of the #Base Defence League took to Reddit to conduct one of those fabled AMAs, answering unfiltered and untamed questions from absolutely anyone for an hour in the afternoon. And in came the questions, ranging from brash advice on buying some weed and theories about Eastenders, to working on unreleased material with Craig David and strange encounters with fans in toilets ("don't try and talk to me when i have my penis out cuz").


When someone asked Narstie about a picture of Drake showing off a brand new BBK tattoo on Skepta's Instagram, he had a firm response: "That should've been a BDL tattoo. He needs to respect himself nyaaaaah!" And if you've ever wondered what a conoisseeur like Narstie orders when he hits up Subway, then here's your answer: "chicken and bacon ranch, extra cheese toasted honey mayonnaise lettuce sweetcorn… shower. turn up! BDL BASE DEFENCE LEAGUE. I AM LORD OF THE ASBO." Feel free to let us know how you get on ordering that.

And if you've ever wanted to know what 'erb Narstie himself smokes: "my own strand. chinese lemon wushuming k2 plant nyaaaaaaaaah"

You can re-read his entire AMA right here. And watch his video diary from Croatian festival Fresh Island below.