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Deftones Are Dropping Signed Copies of Their New Album at Random Places and Tweeting the Coordinates

If you are a Deftones fan you needed to be at 37°47'47.7"S 144°59'06.2”E this morning
April 14, 2016, 5:32am

It seems that Deftones, or representatives of the Sacramento band, have been dropping signed limited edition copies of their new album Gore at random locations in various cities then tweeting the coordinates.

Melbourne – 1 signed Limited Edition GORE White Vinyl. Found @ 37°47'47.7"S 144°59'06.2”E …

— Deftones (@deftones) April 14, 2016

This morning at the Eureka Rebellion Trading Company in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood, a fan picked up a singed copy of the album while in London’s East End a copy was found at Rough Trade Records. Copies were also dropped at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records in San Francisco and Pink Rhino Tattoos in Chicago.

According to the band’s website; Toronto, Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Mexico City, Paris and Sao Paulo will also be involved.

Over 20-years and eight albums, the band, who some have called ‘the metal Radiohead’, have blended experimental hardcore, trip hop, electronica, gothic and dream pop.

Earlier this week we premiered the band’s video for "Prayers/Triangles".