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Hey Metal Punks: Drop Everything and Listen to This New Iskra Song

The legendary black/crust anarchist crew will release a brand-new full-length this summer.
March 14, 2015, 6:11pm

Photo courtesy of Iskra A few months ago, long-running and much-loved Canadian anarchist black metal/crust collective Iskra announced the imminent release of Ruins, the follow-up to 2009's brilliant Bureval LP. While the global release will be split between contributing labels in Western and Eastern Europe, the British Isles, Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, and South America, it's just been announced that the US physical release will ultimately be available in June via Profane Existence, O.S.D. Press, War On Music, Black Raven Records, Doomed Society Records, and Echoes From Beneath.


Upon its release (as is the case with all of their other material), Ruins will be offered as a free download on Iskra's website. As if that's not enough, the band has also promised to support the new LP by "engaging in a massive tour of America and Canada, something we have not done since 2007!"

The album was recorded February 2014, was engineered and produced by Cody Baresich and Iskra, and the mastering was handled by Martin Ankelius at the Cutting Room in Sweden. Iskra leaked the album's title track back in January, but have now posted another tantalizing new song, "Predator Drone MQ-1." True to form, it's a whirlwind of icy Scandinavian black metal and raging crust punk, deftly swirled together as only Iskra can.

Kim Kelly is going to be freaking out about this new song all day on Twitter.