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Holy Shit, DVS's 'DVTV' Is Finally Coming Out, and Here Is a "Very Special Episode" to Prepare You for It

Listen to "A Very Special Episode" and get ready for the live television event of the season.
April 15, 2015, 1:55pm

Photo by Brayden Olson

"Enough dicking around, OK?" DVS tells us, himself, the world in the opening moments of "A Very Special Episode." And amen to that. DVS has been kicking around the New York rap underground for years, a familiar but not always traceable name on tracks with guys like Heems, Kool A.D., Lakutis, Hot Sugar, and Big Baby Gandhi. There he was, an extremely entertaining rapper with cool friends and one of the funniest Twitter accounts in existence and no mixtape or album or "project" to go to for reference. Unless you were happy listening to a stray verse here and there, reading a zinger or two on Twitter, or frequenting New York City's finer striptease establishments, your exposure to DVS was sadly limited. Rumors of a mythical mixtape called DVTV abounded, but alas.


In the last year, there have been hints of something new. We've listened to DVS rap about Charlie Chaplin and talk about playing at CBGBs in his teen punk band; we've read his fall fashion guide and a list of songs that were supposedly DVTV; we've listened to all the songs that DVS has been a part of; we've joined him in contemplation of the best stuff of 2014 and read what is definitively the funniest account ever written of a single day in New York City. And now we finally have a hard and fast timeline. To quote DVS, "On the one hand I feel bad, my bad, but on the other hand, fuck you, give me money."

DVTV is coming in two weeks! It's real! And to celebrate, here is a teaser promo track, "A Very Special Episode" (get it because, like, TV). It is good. At one point DVS informs us, "if you don't want to play my shit / then play like the airport and X-ray my dick." At another he warns us, "dickhead, I got a blazer on a hanger / that'll knock a damn eye out your skull / 'bout the same as a razor / by the time I get to the cuff links / you're already dead / I don't even care what you fucks think." It's probably the hottest threat ever rapped about semi-formal attire, which is a good summary of why DVS rules for those of you who are unfamiliar.

New York hasn't had a televised event like this to look forward to ever before. So get amped and check out "A Very Special Episode" below, along with the full, final tracklist. Follow DVS on Twitter. Heck yes. This is must-see TV.

DVTV Tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Good Morning America (produced by Yuri Beats)
3. Tommorow Is Here
4. Money Train (produced by Bill Ding)
5. Charlie Chaplin (feat. Mae Whitman) (produced by Jesstrumentals)
6. Life Is A Gamble (produced by Jesstrumentals)
7. Do It To Death
8. It's Always Money In Krilladelphia (feat. Das Racist) (produced by
Steel Tipped Dove)
9. You Goddamn Right (produced by Hot Sugar)
10. Rich Regardless (skit)
11. Camo Remix (f. Weekend Money) (produced by Weekend Money)
12. Dangerous (produced by Yuri Beats)
13. Just What Happens (produced by Jesstrumentals)
14. Breathe Easy (feat. Majesty)
15. Sons Of Xanarchy (feat. Lakutis) (produced by Steel Tipped Dove)
16. DVNY
17. Invincible
18. Outro

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