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Scrapbook: Rising Synth-Pop Singer CAPPA Flips Through Her Old Photo Albums

Frosted tips and fanny packs, CAPPA's had quite the sartorial journey to arrive as the polished pop singer she is today. Happy #tbt.
November 12, 2015, 1:19pm

Our first encounter with CAPPA a.k.a. Carla Cappa, was thanks to her single "Hush" which we premiered earlier this year—a breathless, aching pop number, effortless as it's soothing. More recently she dropped "Other Girls" (below) which has garnered some 75k plus plays in a month. "You can hold her at night / But we know you're still mine," she purrs. There's that ownership you feel about a lover. Other girls? Pfft! Why trifle with them?


It's next level CAPPA: pulsing pop perfection with press repeat appeal, and the absolute highlight of the clutch of songs she's posted thus far this year. Still, the Philly-born, Nashville-based singer is something of a mystery. Suitably intrigued, we asked her to take a little #tbt trip and dig through her photo albums so we can see how she arrived as the platinum blonde singer she is today.

Scroll till the end for the premiere of her sultry, silken rework of TLC's classic "No Scrubs."

Well, here I am world. I'd like to pretend that I knew this was a microphone but chances are I literally thought it was a lollipop. Am I licking it? I think I'm licking it.

Here's a picture of my brother and me. I had very little hair until I was five so my mom would put all these clips/beads in my hair so people wouldn't know I was practically bald. Christmas was a fairly big deal for my family growing up. Almost all of us are full-blood Italian so every Christmas was big, loud and a little bit crazy.

I was obsessed with music from a really young age. I didn't really understand it until I was older, but I always loved making sounds with whatever tinker toy I could find. It looks like I'm playing a D chord here and I think that was the only chord I knew for a really long time. I used to sing the titanic theme song over a D on the guitar at every talent show until I was like eight or something.

Again with the hair beads! My parents had their honeymoon at Disney World so it kind of became a family tradition. To this day, if we haven't seen each other in a while or life has been really hectic, they'll call me up and see if I want to go to Disney World. They called me last year and asked if I wanted to go to Harry Potter World for Christmas and I was like, "UM YEAH THATS PROBABLY FINE!!!"

The struggle. My mom let my brother and I both frost the tips of our hair. I hate this so much. Look at my hat!

Heading to my first concert when I was 13 (I am wearing a fanny pack). We went to see From First to Last which was the band Skrillex sang for at the time. He signed my jeans and I was shaking the whole time. I still have them. I'm glad my hair has gotten better looking.

My style now is laid-back and a little edgy. I like to mix some vintage pieces in with my outfits. I like knowing some part of my clothing had a previous story. Some days I want to be a little more sporty and will wear a backwards cap and platform sneakers. Others days, I may wear a black dress and platform heals if I want to feel a little more polished. I don't like to give myself a lot of rules with style.