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Who the Hell Is the Rap Artist "Siimba Liives Long" and Why Is He Hanging out With Lions?

Have you seen a white lion before?

Siimba Liives Long is an Ethiopian American artist who was born in NY, resides in Brooklyn and grew up in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Which I guess is why the visuals for his latest track "Cocaine Bimbie," feature him frolicking around with a bunch of majestic and beautiful big cats—including a #rare white lion. "I shot the video in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Brooklyn," Siimba tells us over email, "I thought it was really important to shoot the video in these locations because they all play such a big role in my life and my journey."


"Cocaine Bimbie" isn't just one of the most out there videos we've seen in a minute with regard to its backing cast either, because it's an electrifying track too, all lavish beats and smoother than super smooth peanut butter vocals. Produced by Rob Fel, the track is taken from the "sonic series" Zemenays Gemiinii. Watch below: