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PREMIERE: Get Positively Bummed out with Naked's "Hopeless"

So pretty, so bummer, so Life™.
February 19, 2015, 3:38pm

Music that gets us down isn't usually woe-is-me kind of inverted stuff (it can be, obviously, but go with me here). But sadness is often expressed in some sense of beauty in a song. Naked is a solo project out of Baltimore that mixes shoegaze and drone—two go-to genres for feeling bad in a good way. In "Hopeless," which we're premiering below, guitars swirl and strum over ach other to create a nice texture. Much has been made of the sort-of-genre "gloom," which combines shoegaze and sadcore to create a new genre entirely, and this is what that sound should be. Naked's vocals reverberate through the melody in the beginning of the track, and "Hopeless" sounds even more de with the softness of everything. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, his vocals get more and more strained, letting the effects give even more punch to his pained screams. Even though it can be called "gloom," the song is still quite beautiful.


Check out "Hopeless" below, and look out for the album when it drops March 15 right here.