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Denver Grind Unit 908's Brutal New Video for "Separate" Features Torture, Death, and Saran Wrap

Watch a terrifying new video from these Mile High City grind freaks.

Denver, CO has long been an undercover hotbed for killer extreme metal (shout-out to Speedwolf, Primitive Man, and the Denver Black Sky fest). Grind unit 908 is a new addition to the Mile High City's growing ranks of metal/punk misceants, and they're already killing it. Despite their very short existence, they've already released two EPs, appeared on an Alz-Grinders Grinding For a Cure compilation, and pulled off their first tour. It would honestly be more surprising if this didn't rule, given that the fourpiece combines current and former members of Catheter, Clinging To the Trees of a Forest Fire, Deadspeak, and Enemy Reign.


What's more, they just finished a legitimately terrifying music video for the song "Separate." The blink-and-you'll-miss-it banger appears on the band's second EP, which was recorded by Weekend Nachos' Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording in Chicago. Directed by Micah Schultz, the black and white clip depicts a nastily realistic home invasion scenario. There's torture, there's death, and there's a happy ending…of sorts. It's creepy and brutal and everything you'd want from a grindcore music video.

Go make sure your front door is locked, then check it out below.

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