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Here's Celebrated Novelist Salman Rushdie Being Forced to Read Drake Lyrics

With my prose!
October 1, 2015, 4:55pm

Salman Rushdie is a 68-year old award-winning author. Drake is a 28-year old award-winning musician. Outside of the fact that both gentlemen have won awards and have a first and last name, they don't share much in common. Until today. Today, those of us playing "six degrees of separation" have been gifted with the ability to easily jump from Rushdie to Aubrey, thanks to this new video from the CBC.


Rushdie doesn't exactly spit the bars, but he recites them in a prose that gives the verses a certain lift. Similar to Drake, Rushdie also has haters, which allows him to relate to The 6 God's qualms. And by using his literary expertise, Rushdie also uncovers a potential Marilyn Monroe reference in the Drake and Rihanna collaboration.

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