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PREMIERE: COMBAT!'s "Heavy Accent" Is the Soundtrack to Your Aimless Summer Nights

LA's Mark Nieto makes his debut as COMBAT!, combining house, ambient, and experimental for a sound all his own.
June 7, 2016, 5:42pm

Photo courtesy Friends of Friends

Mark Nieto has been making his way around LA's undergrond for a minute now, offering up experimental and electronic sounds over the mercurial airwaves at KXLU, as well as on the dance floor. Now Nieto is emerging with his first project under the COMBAT! moniker, a self-titled LP due out in August via Friends of Friends.

The record runs the gamut from experimental guitar and jazz-infused compositions to straight-up noise and ambient. Despite the many moving parts, it flows. Take lead single "Heavy Accent," premiering today below: It's a meandering, guitar-driven jam, all warm harmonies and beat scene grooves that halfway through reveals a lot more going on beneath the surface. Nieto's atmospherics owe as much to house and hip-hop as they do anything else, with minor refrains that linger as the melody carries on, echoing the hypnotic unease of a long dusk drive across LA.

"Like a lot of people in LA, I never felt tied to any single music scene," Nieto says. "It used to be normal for me to try and visit multiple venues in one night…'Heavy Accent' was the first time that I felt I was able to express all of the ideas I had picked up from all of those different influences. It pushed me in a direction that helped determine how the rest of the songs on the record would sound."

Listen to COMBAT!'s "Heavy Accent" below.