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It's the Most Positive Day in History: Chance the Rapper and Lil B Just Released 'Free,' a Based Freestyle Mixtape

"Who you think you rhymin' with? You don't got a mixtape with Lil B!" Thank you Based God. This is the best thing ever!
August 5, 2015, 6:29pm


This is a new mixtape from Lil B and Chance the Rapper doing nothing but based freestyles. It is called Free. It is amazing. Chance said that it was happening a couple weeks ago. It seemed too good to be real. But it is. It is the realest. It is the most based thing ever created. Today is the most positive day of all time.

While Chance the Rapper's tightly orchestrated music and Lil B's off-the-cuff, rambling based freestyles might not seem totally alike, there are few collaborations that have ever made more sense than Free: Chance and Lil B are both all about positivity. Both are all about being unafraid to be a little stupid in the pursuit of greater brilliance. Both are fully products of the internet, models for music success in an era when the traditional music industry isn't sure what to do with itself. Above all, both just want to do something special, and they want you to be a part of it. As Lil B says, "Come hop in our lane. We've got a lot of love."

Fully in keeping in the spirit of the project's two artists, the whole thing feels like one amazing jam session where everyone in the world is invited. Everybody from Chicago Public Libraries to Kendrick Lamar to Thundercat to Chicago's Chatham neighborhood to Keith Jenkins gets a shout out. NoName Gyspy stops by to freestyle a verse and laugh about how bad she is at freestyling. Nate Fox shares a beat. Chance tips his hat to the people of Chicago, decrying the fact that beloved local food festival Taste of Chicago started charging for tickets. Lil B says he's got so much money he needs a fucking mummy. Together, they acknowledge, that they "understood that the peace of the world is more important."

So, yeah, you should care. Just enjoy this one. Celebrate with Chance, who boasts "Who you think you rhymin' with? You don't got a mixtape with Lil B!" Celebrate with Lil B, who says "I'ma open my book and y'all are definitely going to read it." Just celebrate. It's a great day in Based World:

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