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Soko Returns: Here's New Track "Who Wears the Pants ??"

According to the French singer this is "definitely the most lesbian song of this new record…"

Hello again Soko, you Bordeaux-born pixie, you chameleon, you delightful, confounding oddball. Last time we caught up with her was about six months ago in Los Angeles for our finale episode of Made in America. Back then she was extolling the posi-vibes of her adopted city—despite its sheen of superficiality, it's a place where she's found a real creative home.

Perhaps you've not heard of Soko, but the French singer made an initial splash back in 2007 with a very early song, "I'll Kill Her" (later sampled by Cee Lo, randomly), and it's still brilliant all these years later. Because of its heart-on-the-sleeve narrative. Because of the way Soko pronounces "kill" like "keel." She takes the burn of a boy not calling, and the already idealized fantasy of their future (such a girl thing to do), and twists it into song, directing all her anger at the other woman who "stole [her] future."


There was that moment when Soko gave up on music in 2009 and went back to acting, but thankfully she returned to the fold with her debut album, I Thought I was an Alien, in 2012, giving the world songs like the Polaroid-pop of "First Love Never Dies" and the folkish frailty of "We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow."

Anyway, the point is, Soko has a new album coming out this March entitled My Dreams Dictate My Reality, which sounds like the best mission statement for 2015 we've heard yet. It also features two collaborations with her pal Ariel Pink, but nevermind that—here is the premiere first song from the record, "Who Wears the Pants ??" (And yes that space and double question mark is just how she wants it.) It's a louchely confident, new wave-y, indie rock stomp that Soko calls, "definitely the most lesbian song of this new record."

She adds: "It's almost like a protest addressed to all those hypocritical homophobic demons while freeing myself from their judgement." Fuck yeah.

Below is the tracklisting for the album plus "Who Wears the Pants ??" again with accompanying Soko-directed visuals. Just in case you wanted to gaze at her lovely face and pouty mouth in flickering black and white while giving it another listen.