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50 Cat Puns About Rap

Happy Monday!

Editor's Note: Our contributor Skinny Friedman owns two cats that turned one year old today. He sent us a list of cat-based rap puns, that we are now putting on the internet along with pictures of his adorable cats. Happy Monday!

Travis Purrter
Garfield Mob
N.O.R.E. (Nermal On the Run Eatin), new single “Abu Dhabi”
Remy Puma
Sabre-Tooth Tyga
Rick Rocelot
Meek Meow
Lynx Drugz
Masta Kitten
Diplocats Lex Cougar
Jaguar. Kelly
Doughboyz Catsout
Dom Catnnedy
Sage the Leo
Pussy Next Door
Travi$ Cat
Meowb Deep
Tiger Dolla SIgn Grand Puma
Machine Gun Kitten
Compton’s Most Petted
Juelz Cattana
Mr. Serval On
Black Purrtland
Supa Cat
Gucci Maine Coon
Scratched Up Couch Click
Healthclef Paw Wall
Catnipsey Hussle
Joey Catts
Bodega Cat Bamz
Cheetah Ali
Peewee Longhair
Joey Cata$$ Big K.I.T.
OG Boo Kitty
Johnny May Cats
East Catbush Project
Rappin Fur-tay
Dem Freshstep Boyz
Cuddla Cuddla
Petey Pawblo

Skinny Friedman is cuddling with his cats right now and did this last year, too. He's on Twitter - @skinny412