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Listen to "Voka," the New Warped, Prismatic Track from Electro-Acoustic Duo Ghost Feet

There's more to Olympia than riot grrl, Kurt Cobain, and (of course) a burgeoning lumber industry.


Olympia, Washington may mostly be known for punk rock, riot grrrl bands, and Kurt Cobain (outside of its lumber industry, of course), but something else is stirring amidst the natural splendor of Puget Sound. Ghost Feet, the electro-acoustic duo composed of Hobbess (aka Calvin Erdal) and Qloq (Rachel Dubuc) are warping electronica with elements of hip-hop, ambient, dreampop, and IDM. Electronic and acoustic sounds alternately suspend, spiral, collide, and fractalize in the sonic field. This is for those mind-melting forest excursions when your ears grow to rabbit-sized proportions, everything breathes, and elves peak out from behind the trees.


"It's ultimately one of our favorite examples of how we as a duo can collaborate and grab a moment or feeling and express it," says Qloq. "There's limitations to writing purely electronic music, and what we are trying to do on this track is express our ideas as if we're a band—the way a band can turn it into something that anyone can enjoy."

"We want to be a band so bad, but all we have are these guitars and computers," says Hobbess. "This is an unknown territory for us, but we are trying to step up and bridge the gap."

Ghost Feet plans to drop a full-length LP in late summer/early fall 2013 with live shows throughout the year. "Voka" will appear on the upcoming Dropping Gems compilation, Gem Drops 3 (full tracklist below), out April 16 on vinyl. Check out their 2011 EP Wires and Chords in the meantime.

Side A:
DJAO - One
Ghost Feet - Voka
Citymouth - How2hoodryte (Feat. Bone Rock)

Side B:
Philip Grass - Onit
M. Constant - PerkyPat
Wires For Salu - Overture