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Relive Your Uncomfortable Youth With Paideia's New Track "Restless Child"

Get weirded out by this Brooklyn artist's 'Yeezus'-like electronic folk sounds.

Photo by Nancy Seline Ng

Music doesn't have to be easy listening all the time, Brooklyn's own


knows that. Charlie Mischer, better known as the mastermind behind this project, plays with this same idea in "Restless Child." The track is minimal techno folk that features bumbling syncopation of metallic keys and bouncy xylophones backed by Charlie's melodically layered vocals. The single is off his upcoming self-titled debut EP that is due out this May.

"'Restless Child' is about feeling stuck in a young frame of mind and learning how to be okay with yourself in a world that belittles you." Paideia explains. "Musically it is heavily influenced by the overwhelming and often uncomfortable sounds of New York City which can aggravate the senses and appeal to our primal selves." Listen to the track below.

Byron Yan is a writer from Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.