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PREMIERE: Ryan Egan - "Restoration"

Introducing this NYC-based newbie and his nimble-pop debut. Mellow, posi, very lovely.

To recap!

Last month we premiered "Best On"—a song by Luca (Buccellati) featuring Tei Shi. It's brilliant, FYI, and when he's not making music under his own name, and producing and playing with Tei Shi and Yellerkin, he's busy producing others. Above is the premiere of another one of his forays, this time with 26 year old NYC-based artist Ryan Egan. "Restoration" appears to be the first track he's shared publicly—and the first from his forthcoming EP—and it's a doozy, a very mellow, nimble kind of pop which incorporates field recordings from the subway as well as typewriter clicks. Let's be real, though it's all about that bass. Love it. Oh and also the vocals: where did that falsetto even come from! It's basically the perfect composition to listen to while sitting on a windowsill gazing out at the rain.

Egan had this to say about the song: "It's a song about hitting the reset button, a rebirth. It's something that will and should happen many times throughout our lives, artistic and otherwise. It's good to acknowledge where we've gone wrong and not be afraid to expose our faults so that we can move forward and grow in a positive way. I think everyone can relate to that."

Posi vibes all round.