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Teenage Nostalgia Is Gross and Confusing in Mainland’s Video for “Outcast”

Your so called life was kind of a bummer.

You ever think back to the relationships you had with people as a teenager, only to realize that what you had was kind of fucked up? At the time it seemed as if you were content or okay with the way how everything was between you and your pals, but as time stretched on you realized something wasn’t right. Sort of how things play out in Mainland’s new video, directed by Austin S. Winchell, for “Outcast.”


Mainland is a band out of New York City that play fun indie-rock that will refuse to leave your brain for a long time. “Outcast” is definitely guilty of being way too damn catchy and holds the kind of nostalgia and whimsy for a video like this. We follow a teenage love triangle, a boy and a girl that seem to be together and one boy on the outside, the literal outcast of the video. The outcast boy gets shit on by his friends; whether it’s getting a guitar grabbed from you or your friends demanding you cough up cash to get drunk. But the outcast and the girl find themselves getting closer and closer, until the other boy finds out. And it gets pretty rough. While you watch and find out how it ends for yourself, you should pick up the single right here.