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DJ Khaled Snapchats Credit Card, Says He Lost $80,000 in 30 Seconds

They don't want you to post your credit card, for good reason.

Update: We thought this was so funny that we published it too fast. Turns out, the Internet has proven this story is fake. Congratulations, Noisey, we've played ourselves.

DJ Khaled is the biggest thing to happen to Snapchat in a long time, with it becoming the benchmark against which all musician's social media presence is measured. His life has literally become a movie with emoji overlays, complete with characters like Chef Dee and Ben, for whom business is always booming. At this point fans even have favourite episodes, like the one where DJ Khaled was lost at sea.

But the latest development in The Khaled Show is an unfortunate one, as the Miami producer said in a Snapchat that he became the victim of credit card fraud after posting his American Express black card in a Snapchat, causing many to screenshot it and use it for their own whims. Khaled said that he lost $80,000 in 30 seconds, but in typical Khaled fashion he managed to turn this loss into a Khaled-branded win:

“People who bought something with my card. All purchases are trackable and you will be arrested," announced Khaled in the following Snap. "Congratulations, you played yourself.”