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Stream Miles Away's First LP in Five Years, 'Tide'

Listen now and order your copy of the Australian band's LP via Six Feet Under Records.

Just like every year since Black Flag slept on a cot in church in Hermosa Beach, hardcore is changing. What’s most fascinating are the ways that it is growing and expanding to become more of an ethos than a specific sound, with bands like Title Fight, Turnstile, Ceremony, Code Orange, and more leading the charge. And the kids are responding in the right way; gone are the days of upturned noses because a band has worked a shoegaze or a straight ahead punk part into their work, replaced by pricked-up ears and intelligent debates about evolution.


Miles Away is another one of those bands. Their style and feel is strictly hardcore, but the obvious influences of latter 90s NYHC and metal have since been replaced with heartfelt punk, post-hardcore, and indie. After five years away, the Australian band returns with their latest release Tide, a collection of angst-y, hardcore-influenced burners that bring to mind the collective work of Walter Schriefels. It’s catchy, it’s heavy, it’s repeatable and it’s streaming in full below. Order yours via Six Feet Under.