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Let's Solve Rihanna's New Mobile Mystery Game "Anti Diary"

We can do it.

If you're watching the American Music Awards on ABC tonight you might've seen a mysterious commercial featuring a girl in a Braille crown, an invitation to go to, and a swatch of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" playing.

If you head there on a mobile device you're sent into "R1," a panoramic view of what looks like a child's bedroom, where, by shifting the angle of your phone around, you can "look" around the room. (R8 is the Navy's affectionate title for Anti, Rihanna's eighth album, so one assumes the room is meant to represent Riri's debut album, Music of the Sun.) I poked around the site and took some pictures.


Certain items scan, and take you to more videos of the room, featuring twin toddlers huddling in fear as the girl in the Braille crown over her eyes (Rihanna?) walks into the room. Play around long enough and you're prompted to peruse an Instagram account called "iamthekeyholder" featuring crude drawings of the aforementioned Braille girl around various locations whose corresponding cities are geotagged in each post. (I know for a fact that the street pictured for the New York City key is 32rd St. and 6th Ave. in Manhattan, up the block from the TD Bank next to J.C. Penney. Let's get it.)

The keys presumably unlock subsequent chapters, R2 ("Studio"), R3 ("Closet") and onward to R8, the "Anti Bedroom." What's in the other rooms? Has anyone found a key? Is this how we're gonna get new music and release dates? Let's work through this together! Check out pictures of the Anti Diary mystery below and head to the site to help solve it.

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